Nourishment is one of the Pillars of good health. Before we get into specifics about what to nourish you with, it’s fundamental to know why it is important to nourish you.

In this episode, we want to help you identify your Why. Have you ever said to yourself, I should eat better and eat less (or more) but you don’t do it and if you do, it doesn’t last? The truth is, unless you know your “why”, it’s difficult to take action or make lasting changes to your life even though you know it would have you feeling healthier.

Today’s episode:
• Share our personal stories, our ‘why’s’ to take nutrition and nourishment seriously having family members with Type 2 diabetes, a motivating force for us to avoid chronic illness
• Pillar of good health
• Food As Medicine vs. poison)
• Healthy Weight and metabolism//energy/quality of life/metabolic issues
• BMI calculator
• Type 2 diabetes prevention
• Chronic illness prevention.

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