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Episode 354 Health Myths You Should Know

Can taking supplements correct your thyroid to help with weight loss? ...

Episode 34Is Natural Thyroid Medication better?

Is desiccated thyroid more natural and better than synthroid (levothyroxine) to treat an underactive thyroid? ...

Episode 33Weight gain and fatigue? Consider your Thyroid.

When it comes to fatigue and weight gain, we need to rule out a thyroid problem. Your thyroid can be thrown off depending on the seasons of your life. ...

Episode 32Want more energy?

Does it seem like you’re tired all the time or wonder what normal energy level is? Maybe you’re even feeling a bit anxious. ...

Episode 31Do you suddenly want a baby more than ever? (ft. Jillian Michaels)

Did you ever think that you'd have a life without kids only to find yourself waking up to a maternal clock and the next thing you know you have this insatiable drive to have kids? ...

Episode 30Is Chinese Medicine For You? (ft. Dr. Christina Burns)

Even though it may sound woo-woo, Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) precedes Western science by thousands of years. ( which makes it not so woo-woo). ...

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Practical advice which is easily implemented and backed by science and traditional medicine. Making sure you fill your cup first before you start filling other people’s cups will benefit everyone.

– Anth5621

“I LOVE the content on this podcast, as a nutritionist I’m always looking for relevant new ideas and this podcast has just that. Thanks for sharing your wisdom ladies!”

– mymindbodybaby

“Love the tidbits this podcast provides to embrace yourself. It is a 30min self-care routine that everyone should incorporate into their schedule.”

– ZuskaD

“What a gift! I absolutely love the content and tone of this podcast. It’s filled with practical, do-able self-care tips/information that are shared in a fun, upbeat manner. Dr Tanya and Dr Mary invite their audience to become healthier and happier individuals. Their passion for this subject is undeniable!”

– Kathy Arrigo

“Mary and Dr. Tanya are always touching on topics that most people don’t talk about…PCOS has been with me all my life, but to Dr. Tanya’s point, I never knew about it until I was trying to conceive and needed some help, even when having ovarian cysts removed five years before, it was never mentioned! Mary, Dr. Tanya, please keep these episodes coming! Every woman needs to hear these messages.”

– Carol Schneider