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Episode 109Top Nutrition Tips for Dodging Holiday Pounds this Season

Ready to tackle holiday weight gain and stay fit throughout the festive season? ...

Episode 108How to Master the Art of Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Are you tired of worrying about holiday weight gain while depriving yourself of the joys of the season? ...

Episode 106Demystifying Estrogen Dominance: Busting the Myths

In this episode, we debunk the myths surrounding estrogen dominance ...

Episode 105Vaginal Dryness Explained: Reasons, Signs, and Solutions

In this spicy podcast episode, we delve into the often taboo topic of vaginal dryness which is literally “killing women” ...

Episode 104Early Detection is Key: How to Catch Type 2 Diabetes Before it’s Too Late

In this episode, we not only uncover the top three secrets to beating type 2 diabetes, but we also discuss the importance of early prevention ...

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Practical advice which is easily implemented and backed by science and traditional medicine. Making sure you fill your cup first before you start filling other people’s cups will benefit everyone.

– Anth5621

“I LOVE the content on this podcast, as a nutritionist I’m always looking for relevant new ideas and this podcast has just that. Thanks for sharing your wisdom ladies!”

– mymindbodybaby

“Love the tidbits this podcast provides to embrace yourself. It is a 30min self-care routine that everyone should incorporate into their schedule.”

– ZuskaD

“What a gift! I absolutely love the content and tone of this podcast. It’s filled with practical, do-able self-care tips/information that are shared in a fun, upbeat manner. Dr Tanya and Dr Mary invite their audience to become healthier and happier individuals. Their passion for this subject is undeniable!”

– Kathy Arrigo

“Mary and Dr. Tanya are always touching on topics that most people don’t talk about…PCOS has been with me all my life, but to Dr. Tanya’s point, I never knew about it until I was trying to conceive and needed some help, even when having ovarian cysts removed five years before, it was never mentioned! Mary, Dr. Tanya, please keep these episodes coming! Every woman needs to hear these messages.”

– Carol Schneider